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  • Newbie Asked on 11 December 2015 in Phuket.

    Emerald Group have and firmly established as one of the leading and largest real estate developers in Phuket (and Krabi with their new project.)

    One of their recent projects Emerald Nirvana is being official managed by Sheraton, which does reconfirm that international brands are also perceiving them as a trusted and reputable brand locally.

    We know of a number of previous investors and purchasers of their properties, that seem are happy with the quality and that they are delivering on their promises.

    The only issues which does plague many of the developers outside Bangkok, is completion dates, and while the sales are typically strong, completions dates are always pushed back by a month or two here and there. So this is to be expected and the only bad side of buying from any new or old real estate developer in Thailand.

    To sum it up, they have a good reputation and have built and designed some nice products. Being a young company, they seem to be doing many things right. Time will tell after a few years, in terms of build, quality and keeping to their guaranteed rental returns.

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  • There is a basketball game in Ayara Kamala, Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, everyone is welcome to Join.

    Also there is a number of Gym around Phuket, Mainly the south side (Nai harn and Rawai) its all depend where you live!!

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  • Newbie Asked on 26 November 2015 in Thailand.

    There are a number of options you can choose from, it does come down to how many guest will be attending  the weddings.
    You definitely should check out, they have a number of villas that are suitable for weddings with variety of price ranges in Thailand.

    Here are a few nice options that can hold around 100 to 150 pax.

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  • Newbie Asked on 26 November 2015 in Thailand.

    Here are a few main tips for Do and Don’t 🙂

    Don’t put your feet up on anything that’s not meant for feet, Thai people find it disrespectful to use your feet for anything as feet are the lowest part of the body. putting them on furnitures like coffee table and etc can offend the host

    Don’t touch the head, head is the highest part of the body, touching someone in the head even if a  gesture of good will is disrespectful, if it’s a small kid it should be okay

    Don’t point, this is a bit of a difficult one as pointing is very common in the western culture. just avoid pointing directly at a person or Budda statues

    Do take off your shoes when you enter someone house or even some shops

    Do dress appropriately when entering the temple, no mini-skirts, speedo or bikinis. for girls especially to cover to elbow and knees

    Do Enjoy yourself 🙂

    These are the main one you should know

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  • Newbie Asked on 9 November 2015 in Phuket.

    Yes, Thailand apparently have installed a Tsunami warning system that is the best in South-east Asia.
    To prevent another disaster, The NDWC has set up 136 warning tower and 3 Tsunami- Detection Buoys.

    The Cheif Director of NDWC, said they can detect a Tsunami forming in the Andaman Sea within 2 mins, and give out the warning to all news outlet and Evacuation procedure within 15 min, Which give plenty of time for tourist and locals to evacuate to Tsunami safe zone.

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  • Newbie Asked on 7 November 2015 in Thailand.

    The main difference between Apartment and condominiums are:


    Are usually owned by  an individual, family or company,
    For foreigners, apartments are only available for rent or lease it for max of 30 years with an option to renew  for another 30 years (some case the seller can offer a 90 years lease options, 30+ 30 +30 )


    With a condominium license, a foreigner can own the units in their own name (freehold).
    Foreigner are allow to own 49% if the condos units while the other 51% must be owned by a Thai national.
    In some case, foreigners can buy 90% of all the condos unit by the developer registering 51% of the units as a Thai company,  than sell them to foreigner as a thai company and registering them as the managing director of the company.

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