what is the Best time of year to buy a property in Samui or Phuket?

I am hearing different things that its cheaper to get a property in low season versus high season, can someone please clarify for me!

Newbie Asked on 8 December 2015 in Thailand.
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Generally, prices are higher during high season for a lot of things. My view is that if you’re a diligent buyer and work well with your agent, it won’t be a significant¬†price difference between low season and high season.

One big factor in price, for off-plan or new-build condo and villa units, is the stage at which you buy. Normally, developers offer lower pricing earlier on in the development process as they are trying to build interest and secure a minimum amount of funding to continue the build to the end. So if you buy a unit when the development is first announced, you’ll be in a good place, price-wise. ¬†Make sure you check out the developer’s past projects (if any) to make sure they are doing business legitimately.

Newbie Answered on 9 December 2015.
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