My Wife is a Thai National, Can She Own Land?

I heared that a Thai National, who is married to a foreigner is not allowed to own land in Thailand.  Is this true?

Newbie Asked on 7 January 2016 in Legal.
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Good question! 20 years ago this was true, a Thai national married to a foreigner could not own land. In 1999 the Ministry of the Interior passed a regulation reversing this decision.

Nowadays, a Thai national married to a foreigner can own land, provided they are able to prove the money used to purchase the land is their own, and not from a foreign spouse’s assets. The same applies for condominium units exceeding the foreign ownership quota.

So basically, yes a Thai national can always own land in Thailand. They just have to be able to prove the money is their own, not their spouse’s.

Newbie Answered on 7 January 2016.
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