Is it okay to contact multiple Agents?

I’m gonna be in Thailand next month just to buy a villa,  I google the details and a number of property agencies came up. is it better to stick with one or is it normal to contact a lot of different agencies as they would have different stocks?

Can someone confirm what’s the best thing to do and how it works here?

Newbie Asked on 26 November 2015 in Deals.
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Definitely worth exploring multiple real estate agency websites, identify which one has what you need or want. For examples: many property agents focus only on the new-build condo market, while others may focus only on one location (near there office typically).

Many property agents share properties in Thailand –  similar to other international markets. They are happy to do the leg work and run around aggregating the best villas for a client to see – they can usually cut your time and potentially open you up to new properties you would find difficult to get yourself.

While yes, some property agents in Thailand have exclusive properties, generally this is not the rule of thumb and it mainly applies when the agency is behind building the development or can be found in the new build condo market in places like Bangkok, where the inquiries volumes are high.

Newbie Answered on 26 November 2015.
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Generally speaking Phuket is a non-exclusive market, meaning most real estate consultants have the same properties available. Having said that, the bigger real estate agencies network, level of contact and exposure to sellers will be very different particularly on the secondary market. I would advise you to focus on the bigger agencies with the most amount of stock. They may have properties, which are not on the open market and the more transactions they are involved with, the more likely it will be for them to offer you something, which is not available to everyone.

A downside of using multiple agents is misinformation or conflicting information. Find the agents with a strong team behind  them and find the ones that will advise you truthfully and comprehensively and will work the hardest to find the perfect property for you. You will quickly learn who has the most to offer..

Newbie Answered on 26 November 2015.
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