I am thinking about buying a holiday home in Pattaya, although also been told Phuket is a good place to look, can anyone on here give me some guidance?

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Whether to buy in Phuket or Pattaya really depends on your personal preferences. The main factors are usually, shopping, entertainment, beaches, cost of living, property prices and proximity to other places of interest. In terms of aesthetics, Phuket being an island, and less developed means it has more beaches and green covered mountains than Pattaya which is a mainland city. Both places have lot’s of tourists from all over the world all year round and have the same high and low seasons.

Proximity to Bangkok
Pattaya is very close to Bangkok (about an hour by car). Phuket is a 1.5 hour (low cost) flight away from Bangkok, Singapore and Malaysia.

Shopping, Nightlife, Beaches
Pattaya is more developed that Phuket but both places have  shopping and entertainment areas, so there is lots to do. Phuket  has lots of nice nice beaches and is just a short boat ride away from several beautiful islands perfect for day trips or a weekend away.

Cost of Living and Property Prices
Phuket is slightly pricier than Pattaya in terms of prices for most things. 

Regarding property, the price per square meter in Pattaya is 80,135 THB where as in Phuket it is 95,522 THB.
The average price for a two bedroom unit in Phuket is 10,000,000 THB and 98,000 THB per sqm. In Pattaya the average 2 bedroom property is   9,500,000 THB and 89,000 THB per sqm

Newbie Answered on 7 November 2015.
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The only way to find out is to stay in Pattaya and Phuket for couple of months and get a feeling for both places.
In my opinion Phuket is more to relax, while Pattaya is a place for entertainment.

Newbie Answered on 18 November 2015.
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