How to retire in Thailand?

What are the basics for retiring in Thailand? What sort of visa do you need, and what prerequisites are there for this visa? How much money do you need, and how much money are you allowed? Do you have to buy property or can you just rent or lease a condo or villa unit?

Newbie Asked on 12 January 2016 in Thailand.
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If your are over 50 years old and your pension is over 60,000,- Baht however, you can apply for the 1 Year Extension for your Non Immigrant Visa at any Immigration Office in Thailand. Alternatively, if your pension is less than 60,0000, you might have a time fixed deposit of at least 800,000,- Baht on a Thai Bank account and you will also get the 1 year extension. After this one year, you can go ahead and extend again but you will have to fulfill the same requirements.

You don’t have to buy or own property to get the Non Immigrant Visa and there is also no limit on how much money you bring as far as I know…

Newbie Answered on 15 January 2016.
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