How to get the Best Price?

When entering into negotiations for a new condo or villa in Thailand, whether it’s with an agent or a developer, what are some tips on getting a good deal?

Top Contributor Asked on 11th December 2015 in Deals.
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There’s no such thing as “the best price” this all comes down to hard and careful negotiations.

Usually an agent is there to do this for you, and should do everything and anything in his power to help you get the best price to make you feel comfortable to make a purchase.

Sometimes you may use certain features or add-ons to negotiate with such as paying extra fees, not including furniture and being flexible on rental money that is owed.

Frequent User Answered on 11th December 2015.
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Being polite and respectful is important when doing business in Thailand. And don’t forget to smile 🙂

Top Contributor Answered on 11th December 2015.
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