How do I use FazWaz to find the best deals??

I am trying to find a few good options in Phuket and Samui – although there seems to be alot of search filters and functions….can someone advice me on how I find the best price properties in those locations….

Newbie Asked on 20 November 2015 in Thailand.
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First of all, here are the Search Pages:

The light blue bar under the header is the Filter Bar with common Filtering options:

  • In the Search Box you can search for:
    • Towns/cities within the region (Kamala, Jomtien,
    • A different region entirely
    • A specific development by DevID (PHD000, PAD000, KSD000)
    • A specific unit by UnitID (PH000-000, PA000-000, KS000-000)
  • The first four options are some common basic searches:
    • Property Type – condo or villa units… view new, resale or both
    • Price – choose your currency at the top-right corner (default is Thai Baht)
    • Number of Bedrooms – we define a bedroom as a private sleeping space with walls and a door
    • Size – the livable space, in square meters
  • Under the More option there are a lot of extra and Advanced Filters:
    • Premium Feature – any extra features (like private pool, jacuzzi, garden, etc)
    • View – what type of view you can expect from the unit (sea, forest, mountain, city, etc)
    • Baths – we define a bathroom as having a shower or tub
    • Year Built – use this option to find units built before or after a certain year
    • Made to Order (Villa) – some Villa units aren’t built until the customer agrees to purchase – sometimes this allows you more choice in the design and styling
    • Floor (Condo) – what floor is the condo unit on – we define the ground floor as floor 0
    • Floors (Villa) – how many floors does the villa property have?
    • Distance to Beach (km) – how far is the condo or villa development from a popular beach?
    • Ownership – you can search for Freehold, Leasehold or Both <- click for more info
    • Guaranteed Rental – some units will be rented out on your behalf and let you stay for a few weeks each year; the rental company guarantees a certain % of the purchase price paid back to you yearly while the program is valid

Under the filter bar we have the Map and the List View with more filtering and Sort options:

  • Map, on the left:
    • Drag, Zoom In/Out – the units displayed on the right side of the screen depend on your current map view – zoom in on a beach if that’s where you’re looking to buy
    • Click on Development – click on a development’s condo or villa icon to get a popup with a feature image and the option to only view units from this development (works with multiple development as well)
  • List View, on the right:
    • Table/Photos View – at the top-right of List View you can choose whether to view units in a table (for those data-minded customers) or with Photos featured (the default option)
    • Sort – find it in the gray top header section (Showing 000 units, sorting by Recommended) – we let you sort by Development Name, Location (Town/City) Name, Price, # of Beds, # of Baths, Size (sqm), Price / SQM, Floor (condo) / Floors (villa) – default is Recommended Sort (we mix it up showing condos & villas, different prices, and agent-picked featured units)
    • Hide Similar Units – with close to 17,000 units across 3 regions, we’re bound to have some units that are pretty close to the same thing (same price, same size, same Development) – we turn this on by default and try to show you only unique units, and improve on our algorithm consistently – turn this off if you want to see every possible unit in a development

I hope this helps! Please feel free to ask (either here or via our Contact Page) if we can help you find the property you’re looking for, it’s what we do!

Newbie Answered on 22 November 2015.
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