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For a first-time visitor to Thailand, what are maybe 5-10 common phrases that are good to know (greetings, asking for help/directions, etc)?

Newbie Asked on 27 November 2015 in Thailand.
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Living in Thailand for a couple of years you soon learn that the language although sounds very difference to the ear it shares alot of the same greetings and basis communications the English language has.

Bearing in mind the Thai culture is based around being respectful and politely to each other, the language reflects this with the use of “Kha” for a lady and “Kraup” for a man at the end of each sentence, basically similar to “Thank you” and “Please.”

So here are 10 commons phrases to help you get around in Thailand:

1) Hi/Welcome – Sawa dee kraup (Sawa dee Kha is said by ladies)

2) Thank you very much – Kop Khun Mak Kraup (Kop Khun Mak Kha)

3) How Much? – Taow Rai?

4) How are you? – Sabai dee Ma kraup/khai?

5) I am fine – Sabai Dee Kraup/Kha

6) Very taste thank you – Aroy Mak Kraup

7) The bill/check please – Kep Tang Kraup/Kha

8) Very cute – Narak Mak!

9) I need to go …. – Pom Tong Pai ……..

10) No problem (dont worry) – Mai bpen rai kraup/kha

If you do need to ask for help – Pom Noi Dai Mai Kraup/Kha

Another useful one is – Khun Phud Pasak Angkrit Dai Mai Kraup/Kha (Can you speak English?)

Newbie Answered on 27 November 2015.
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knowing the numbers can be helpful, too…

neung – 1
song – 2
sam – 3
see -4
haa – 5
hok – 6
jet – 7
paed – 8
gow – 9
sip – 10
sip-et – 11
sip-song -12
yee sip – 20
saam sip – 30
roi/loi – 100

Newbie Answered on 30 November 2015.
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