Driving Legally in Thailand (Driver’s Licenses)

Can a foreigner drive legally in Thailand? Does Thailand have a reciprocal driving license deal with any other countries? What about an American, UK or European driver’s license, will those be accepted in Thailand? Or do I need to get an international or Thai driver’s license to be covered on the road here?

Newbie Asked on 14 December 2015 in Thailand.
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To be covered in the case of an accident, you do need an international or Thai drivers license.
The maximum period that you can drive a car or bike legally on an international drivers license is 60 days on a Tourist Visa and 90 days on a Non-Immigrant O visa.
If you want to drive for longer than that, a Thai drivers licence is required.  To obtain a Thai drivers license requires a formal in-person application, as well as hold and be admitted to Thailand on a non-immigrant visa status. This link to the the Department of Land Transportation website explains the procedure.

Newbie Answered on 16 December 2015.
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