Can I bring my furniture from overseas to Thailand?

What are the custom regulations for the import of furniture to Thailand?

Newbie Asked on 16 December 2015 in Legal.
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Short answer:
Yes, but it may require you to pay duty fees/taxes.

Long answer (avoiding duty fees/taxes):

  1. You will need to procure a 1 year Thai visa (marriage, retirement, other).
  2. Once you have the visa, you have 6 months to import any “household effects” (furniture, house dressings, electronics & appliances, etc). Generally you only get to bring one of each item, unless you provide proof of change of residence in which case you can import two of each item.
  3. To avoid duty fees, all imported household effects must be used, not new.
  4. A Thai national spouse may import household effects if they lived in that country for at least 1 year.
  5. Be sure to include any and all documentation in the import shipment for Customs to process it correctly.
Newbie Answered on 7 January 2016.
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